My Christmas » modlightsetch2


  1. ChocoMooseMan said,

    Of the three pages of sketches, I like the bottom-left and top-right patterns best. Though on the top-right ones I think you could get a better look if you made the rounded corners slightly smaller, possibly similar to what’s on the bottom right, though not as streamlined. As far as the bottom right goes, not much to say, I just like the pattern you have going there with the way they come together, almost geodesic. Have you considered the kind of look you could get from rounding the inside corners and not the outside?

    Just some random thoughts, hope they help!

    • mathewotto said,

      They do, help thank you. I have been leaning toward the bottom left of this page myself. And as for the rounded interior corners, the form almost becomes awkward, and slightly too childish for the over all look. I am glad to know my personal favorite is also the one other people like best.

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