My Christmas

January 2, 2010 at 9:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Being stuck here, I have decided to post my sketches on my latest project and see what I like as the feedback comes in. Nothing to special here, just three pages of moleskin on a simple design.

These sketches are a form for the pieces that will become the building blocks of the “shade” or overall form.



  1. Mia said,


    So far, I like where this is going. Perhaps move away from the three-sided form- right now it’s very triforce/escher-esque, but if you’re going for something modular, try inspirations from nature (see below) Maybe a form that hangs instead of is stacked or placed on the floor, or perhaps something that can be built either way (up, down, on the floor, hanging from a balcony, etc?), or a different way with multiple pieces– like legos.

    Can’t wait to see you sooooon! I hope you’ve had a wonderful break.


    • mathewotto said,

      you have kinda hit what the concept has always been, as for the 3 sided object, the only way i will stay with it is if there is some form of depth, or else the shade just becomes a wall.

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