Incubator Chairs

December 21, 2009 at 3:32 pm (Uncategorized)

3 weeks before the year ended, the 300 level design class I was in was approached by the school of business to design a space that would become there incubator for recent graduates and students.  Ever student was given one piece of furniture.  At first, we were simply going to buy chairs, but after discussing it with my professor, he said it would be a good idea if I tried them.  The concept for most of the room was fast, cheap, and easy while maintaining a clean, almost ikea driven aesthetic.

These chairs are 14 inches tall to the seat, and 22 inches wide.  The structure lays on the outside of the chair in the form of 1″ plywood.  These chairs sit in the room right after the entrance in a “ideating” area along with a chair.  The wall is a special kind of paint from a company called “Idea Paint”  which is a interior paint that dries into a white board.  The table is done by Jesper Jonsson, and the entrance kiosk/ mailbox is by Troy Hild.


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