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Monolith was an end of year lighting design project dealing with Emotionally Durable Design. While the majority of design went the route of the tool toy or night lights, Monolith tackled the line between form and function, allowing for the emotional attachment and personal empathy to come from the consumer’s desires.

The concept bases itself around the romantic dream life of many young adults and artists of loft living.  The industrial feel and aesthetic in a living space is an object of desire and for many, a dream.  Monolith allows people to do what they do best by surrounding themselves with their desires and dreams.  Many people, because of financial or geographical locations may never experience loft living, no matter how much they really aspire to live in such a way.  This lamp takes the raw industrial feel of that warehouse home, and makes it into an elegant, beautiful form.

For those that may never get to live thier dream, Monolith can atleast give them a taste, and thier is no better emotional attachment to an object then one that exemplifies one’s desires.

I will try to get my sketching and influences product boards uploaded soon.

Photography by Patrcik O’gara.


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