April 9, 2009 at 12:35 am (Industrial Design) (, , , )

Infini(tea)  was a collaborative effort with industrial design Andy Volpe and Graphic designer Mia Cinelli for the World Kitchens contest “tea-off.” It is based off the klien bottle, a 3 dimension mobius strip with one side, no edges, and in a 4 dimensional world would have no volume.

The Silicon trivet can be heated or cooled to extend or shorten the tea drinking experience.  And the stainless steel diffuser allows the users to watch to tea steep into all 12 cups of heated water.

The handle re-enters the body of the glass kettle and continues through the body and out the bottom, allowing steam to escape without scalding the user’s hands.  This also adds a interesting physical element of an open hole in the bottom of the kettle.

Finished January 6, 2009


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